Friday, July 21, 2006

The Ultimate Chick CD

I am search of the music to compile the Ultimate Chick CD! So far I have:

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
Man! I Feel Like a Woman - Shania Twain
Wicked Little High - Bird York
Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline
Boogie Woogie Boy - Andrews Sisters
Full Moon Full of Love - K.D. Lang
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Respect - Aretha Franklin
You Oughta Know - Alanis Morrisett
I'm Every Woman - Chaka Kahn
Fever - Peggy Lee
Proud Mary - Tina Turner
Into the Groove - Madonna
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
Every Day is a Winding Road - Sheryl Crowe.

So - what am I missing?


Dad on the East Coast said...
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Dad on the East Coast said...

The theme song from "HoHo" the Clown show? It goes like this....

Here comes HoHo
Let's start the show

Chocolate and creme rolled in a cake
Its the best, make no mistake

A cold glass of milk or a diet coke
Most people will think this cong is a joke


but I don't!!!!!

Dad on the East Coast said...

Okay, try "song" in the last verse.

upwiththesun said...

I feel the Earth Move and (You make me feel like a) Natural Woman
Carole King

upwiththesun said...

though I do really like the ho ho theme song too!

upwiththesun said...

Also, Why Walk When You Can Fly by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Erin said...

I thought we had discussed Natural Woman?

TransplantedOkie said...

The Ho Ho song is questionable - maybe for a different list. Steve also suggested the Carpenters. He clearly does not get the list.

Erin - I tried to find that version of Natural Woman that you told me about but could not...yet.

Dawn - Excellent suggestions that will be added.

I also added some Supremes to the list.

Erin said...

Her name is Eva Cassidy. Not Eve Cassidy. MY bad. Just listen to it and see if you like that version better.

TransplantedOkie said...

Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin

Erin said...

Pat Benatar. There needs to be Pat Benatar.