Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not what I intended to sew

May is the time of graduations and wedding showers. A lot of wedding showers. Apparently now the thing is to have a theme shower - as in having-you-guests-dress-up theme. A friend of mine went to a '50's shower today. I get to attend a Princess (as in the bride wants to feel like a princess) shower Tuesday. I somehow volunteered to make the "Princess Apron" for the guest of honor. No idea how that happened. But 5 yards of tulle later we have a Princess Apron!

This is not what I had intended to do with the very little Sunday I had to myself today. I did manage to embroider the bride to be's initials on a cute polka dot apron and matching tea towels. Unfortunately the very easy two hour dress if I could find two hours is not yet done. MAYBE tomorrow evening.....

I will not be dressing up for the Princess Shower unless I can go as the Evil Stepmother. Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Finished projects

Yes - I know that neither of these are the fabric and/or pattern I last posted. These were much quicker projects for me to complete so they are done. The shirt dress is somewhat more complicated and so I am working on it as I have appropriate time - and patience.

Dress number 1 took about 2 hours - it's a new look pattern that was suggested on Gorgeous Fabrics for the fabric I used on the second dress. I have enough fabric left I am going to make a t-shirt that will, hopefully, be fun with black slacks or skirt.

Dress number 2 is a Burda and took about an hour. I have been wearing it with a cute brown braided belt and an orange sweater. Friday I threw on a jean jacket over it and felt pretty snappy!

Green Apples is modeling a darling sweater that is calling my name....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have been checking out this fabric every time I wander through JoAnn's. Today I noticed that it was on SALE for 50% off! The perfect time to strike - but what to make? Strolling past the pattern files with the fabric clutched to my bosom, I saw this pattern - made out of the SAME fabric! If that is not a sign from Tim Gunn then nothing is! I am making version B which has the cuffed bands. No ruffles etc. - that all seems just a little much for me.

Fabric is in the washer and I have cleaned the sewing machine in preparation. Still doing a play by play of the sari fabric in my head before I take scissors to that fabric. I would be beyond sad if I messed that up!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Very cool site!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So much for daily blogging.

Clearly, daily blogging is not my strong suit. Oh well, once a month is better than once a year!

I am going to start sewing more since the "procedure" changed my body has changed so drastically in the past six months.

My darling sister scored a Vogue pattern for me on sale for $3.99. This might not not seem like a big deal until you realize that a Vogue pattern retails for $22.95. What the WHAT? $22.95?!? Seems a bit steep! But, thanks to my sistah volunteering to search out said pattern for me in OKC, I now have a pattern for a dress that I am sewing to wear to a engagement party to be held on the veranda of a fancy shmancy hotel.

My mission today (and oh yes, I totally accepted it) was to search out just the right fabric for said pattern. I was thinking a solid color maybe a soft coral la la la.

I bought turquoise and gold sari fabric,


Who would have guessed I would go THAT direcgtion. So not like me to do any blue, but there you are
I LOVE it. It is a soft turquoise, not too bright, with pale gold curlicues all over with a swirl pattern on the border. Here is a horrible picture taken with my iPhone:

I am going to do a muslin first so I know exactly how much to shorten it so I don't lose any of the border. Here is the pattern I am using except that I am adding sleeves. Could not talk the doc into lipo-ing the batwings while he was revising the chest!

The trim is a pale gold braid. Will post a pic when I have finished!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

78 Degrees in the Nation's Capitol!

Wowza! Snowing to beat heck in Oklahoma and 78 degrees here. How weird is that!?

I hear that Pioneer Woman has sold her true love story to be a book and possibly a movie. Have to say I would probably have to miss that one - even if it comes to the Lifetime Network. I was a little put off by all the "hiney tingles" last time I read her blog. Guess I am getting old.....

Steve is putting away all 3,000 frames that are now residing in our living room. I am, of course, trying them all on as soon as he unpacks them. Some of them are gorgeous and some are.....butt ugly. Suppose that means there is something for everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bored Bored Bored

The life of a reconstruction patient is not as glamour-filled as one would think. In fact, I can not think of one instance of glamour experienced since this all started.

Last night I did not get to sleep until after 3 a.m. and then woke up at 7:30. That hardly seems fair. The incisions under my arms (starting just behind my arms on either side) itch and the brusing from the lipo is intense. I was not quite ready for that much brusing. Not sure what I was expecting, but this aint it!