Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not what I intended to sew

May is the time of graduations and wedding showers. A lot of wedding showers. Apparently now the thing is to have a theme shower - as in having-you-guests-dress-up theme. A friend of mine went to a '50's shower today. I get to attend a Princess (as in the bride wants to feel like a princess) shower Tuesday. I somehow volunteered to make the "Princess Apron" for the guest of honor. No idea how that happened. But 5 yards of tulle later we have a Princess Apron!

This is not what I had intended to do with the very little Sunday I had to myself today. I did manage to embroider the bride to be's initials on a cute polka dot apron and matching tea towels. Unfortunately the very easy two hour dress if I could find two hours is not yet done. MAYBE tomorrow evening.....

I will not be dressing up for the Princess Shower unless I can go as the Evil Stepmother. Just sayin'.


OkieGran said...

Looking cute! I'm sure the
Bride will love it! I have had a lazy day, went to church and that's about it. We had a nice Pentacostal Service today. I went to the Symphony again last night with Sean. It was lovely, we had dinner at Tratatori(sp) before so it was a nice evening. Your new class sounds interesting. Love

Anonymous said...

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