Saturday, April 10, 2010

So much for daily blogging.

Clearly, daily blogging is not my strong suit. Oh well, once a month is better than once a year!

I am going to start sewing more since the "procedure" changed my body has changed so drastically in the past six months.

My darling sister scored a Vogue pattern for me on sale for $3.99. This might not not seem like a big deal until you realize that a Vogue pattern retails for $22.95. What the WHAT? $22.95?!? Seems a bit steep! But, thanks to my sistah volunteering to search out said pattern for me in OKC, I now have a pattern for a dress that I am sewing to wear to a engagement party to be held on the veranda of a fancy shmancy hotel.

My mission today (and oh yes, I totally accepted it) was to search out just the right fabric for said pattern. I was thinking a solid color maybe a soft coral la la la.

I bought turquoise and gold sari fabric,


Who would have guessed I would go THAT direcgtion. So not like me to do any blue, but there you are
I LOVE it. It is a soft turquoise, not too bright, with pale gold curlicues all over with a swirl pattern on the border. Here is a horrible picture taken with my iPhone:

I am going to do a muslin first so I know exactly how much to shorten it so I don't lose any of the border. Here is the pattern I am using except that I am adding sleeves. Could not talk the doc into lipo-ing the batwings while he was revising the chest!

The trim is a pale gold braid. Will post a pic when I have finished!

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