Thursday, September 21, 2006

Steve's Surgery

As you all know - Steve's surgery went well. The Doctor told me that he took out more tissue than he originally thought he would have to only because there was more tissue to take.

Steve had a pretty rough night last night and I keep hearing that tomorrow, Friday, will be the worst day so I am running out to get a triple supply of Ho-Ho's just in case.

Thanks for all your love and prayers!

PS - the first thing he did when he got home after surgery was have a Ho-Ho and a pain pill.


Erin said...

A spoonful of HoHo makes the medicine go down.

The medicine go do-own, the medicine go down.

elizabeth said...

i'm glad everything went well! tell "uncleglove" that i'm thinking about him!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

May the healing power of the Ho-Hos see him through to a speedy recovery.

OkieGran said...

Glad he is doing well! I'm thinking of both of you - with lots of love!