Friday, November 24, 2006

Let's be thankful

Let's be thankful we had the Thanksgiving we did instead of one that might have been:

Steve and I woke up Thursday morning.
We could have been sleeping in a car or on the sidewalk, but we were in our nice warm house.

Steve made muffins, and checked on our dinner reservations
Lots of people went without a meal that day.

Steve had a heart attack and we called the ambulance.
How many people would not have called the ambulance because they don't have the insurance to pay for it? Or won't go to the hospital for the same reason?

The nurses and doctors at the hospital were awesome and gave Steve great care.
What if we had been some place where there is no real hospital?

Father David came right over to offer support and prayers.
Think of the countries where people are not allowed to practice their religion.

The doctors put two stents in Steve's heart and he will, most likely, be better than ever.
He might have died.

All in all, we have MUCH to be thankful for; not that our Thanksgiving didn't suck (because trust me - it did). But the alternatives are so much worse.

God is good.

All the time.


OkieGran said...

Thank God for two very unique people who support each other, and know when to let go and let God. and double Thanks to God for your good support system there, when your family here could only watch and pray. Keep up the good work, my prayers and praise are on-going, love you both - mom

Abby said...

I'm happy to hear that Steve is going to be okay. No more HoHos, and I'll dig around for some heart friendly dessert recipes. ;-)

Lisa said...

Thank God! Our thoughts and prayers were with you for sure and will continue. Okay, so technically hoho's can be divided into bite size daily portions.

Dad on the East Coast said...

The only bite size daily portion I know is the whole box. Better to go cold turkey.

Thanks to everyone for prayers, support and being family. I am home and doing well. I walked to the road and back 3 times today, showered, shaved for the first time in 5 days and am being pampered by the best lady in the world.

Sue said...

We're all really glad to know that Steve is doing well. God's obviously got more work for him to do here.
Heard you threw out all the HoHos. That's Tough Love, lady--hang in there!