Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

We finally have electricity! For those of you who have escaped my incessant whining about our lack of heat, let me bring you up to date on the saga that was our Valentine's Day.

On Wednesday (Valentine's Day) at 5:00 a.m. our electricity went out after a huge ice storm in our little corner of the universe. Steve, worker bee that he is, had already showered and gone to work. I, alas, had not. Due to the ice, my office did not open until 10:00 that morning. I went, unwashed and dirty haired, to work that day to escape the freezing temperatures.

When it became clear that we were not going to have electricity restored, I started calling around to get a hotel room. Right. So did everyone else who did not have any electricity. I called, I kid you not, about 18 hotels only to be told that there were no rooms available. Being the resourceful kind of folk that we are, we slept on the floor of Steve's office. Happy freaking Valentine's Day.

The next day, I went to work (even more unkempt and dirtier haired) because we still did not have electricity. Steve, knowing that my unkempt level was waaaaaay past the red zone booked us a room at a hotel. Bob went to stay with the family who keeps him while we are in Oklahoma. He had a blast AND was warm!

So we get to the hotel and of course the first think I do is shower because I am soo past the "eeewwwwwww" stage that I can hardly stand myself. I conk out at 8:00 only to awoken at 3:00 by the dulcent tones of the man in the next room having a fight with his girlfriend. Fabulous. The next morning when I got up I was a hateful mean crank of a woman who made AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE so said dummy in the next room could not sleep. It was the least I could do....legally.

Friday I go to work where my co-workers greet me with delight that I have finally taken a shower and that my hair (that had not been washed since MONDAY) finally looked semi-normal. I think my hair was in complete shock at the filth level it had attained and then the sudden washing of it 48 times to make sure that it was really clean. I mean REALLY clean.

At some point on Friday our electricity came back on, but we were afraid to turn the water on for fear that the pipes had frozen and they would burst if we did. So back to the hotel. This time all was calm and we actually slept.

Today we came home and gingerly tried out the water situation - Sweet Cracker Sandwiches we now have water too!

To celebrate we went to IKEA and bought a bunch of crap we now have to move.

We are brilliant. But we are also warm and clean!!!


upwiththesun said...

Just a bit of advice for the future...AVOID HOLIDAYS. love you

Anonymous said...

Oh My ! I'm speechless as usual - glad you've been tempered by fire )by all those past holidays) and and now you are Steel and can handle anything! love you MOM

Lisa said...

After all the stress of showerless days, you had to treat yourself with something more than just a shower otherwise there would be no ability to just get over it. I'm not a happy camper unless it is a scheduled and well planned event. Loss of power does not fall under said category.