Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The one where I have a sinus infection

I have a sinus infection. How do I know? Because there was a pediatrician in my office today and she was kind enough to diagnose me. The perks of working where I work are never ending. I did not have to take sick leave to go to the doctor, nor did I have to pay a co-pay.

But a sinus infection has set up house keeping in my schnoz and I am not so happy about it. AND I have a prescribed nose spray. Have you ever done that whole nose spray thing? It is quite surprising the first time. So much that I really do not want to do it again. However, I am not willing for my head to explode so the nose spray is the lesser of the two evils.

I also was prescribed some antibiotics and something to make me cough.


I am a schnoz leaking, coughing, pile of happiness.

Maybe I will be better by the week-end so I can attend the National Book Fair on the mall!!!!

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