Friday, February 22, 2008

It's our turn

Maryland has been hit with a sheet of ice. As of right now, I am supposed to go to work at 10, but that could change if the weather worsens (and it is supposed to...I think).

Since I have been home with the 48 hour Bubonic Plague, I really don't mind at all. I have my new lap top, plenty to knit and/or sew, a little wretched dog who is always more than happy to take a nap with me, and stuff to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

AND my husband made me tomato soup last night using Pioneer Woman's recipe. It was YUM-O! He used fat-free half and half, lots less butter and it was fabulous. He even liked it and he doesn't care for tomato soup. He just made it because I am sick and he knew I would enjoy it.

Thanks honey for taking such good care of me!


upwiththesun said...

Sorry you've been hit with the crud... We went to see Dano's Dr. this morning and she was sitting at her desk holding two kleenexes over her face...Oh joy. I was tempted to Lysol us as soon as we left the office.

Erin said...

I want to try that tomato soup! YUM!

OkieGran said...

Get better! and I hope the ice goes away soon! I went to the Dr. this AM (follow up on my yrly physical) I am good to go another year. I echo Dano's experience, only it was all the people in the office hacking, sneeezing....left me wishing for a face mask.

TransplantedOkie said...

That soup is fantabulous!

CurliSu said...

So sorry you are sick--
there is a lot of that going around OKC.
From one knitter to another, I'm hoping to see pictures of what's on your needles!