Thursday, May 08, 2008

My head did not blow up - but it could have!

Since Steve has blogged about the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, I thought I probably should as well.

What I bought:

2 skeins of Tilli Thomas Plie in Burnt Orange. It is not really burnt orange, more of a rust. A lovely yarn of 100% silk with glass beads interspersed through out. What I am going to do with it I have no idea. Right now I am thinking an ascot - but I might use it as an edging on a sweater.

1 Hank of mohair in peach (sorry Erin) from Puckerbrush Farm. No link I am sad to say, but trust me it is be-U-ti-ful! And as soft as a cloud.

1 kit on how to make felted flowers from roving (unspun wool). Sue and I each bought one so we will have to schedule a craft day.

Steve and Mike were as well behaved as we expected. I don't think either one of them expected that many people to be there. I did take some pictures of some really cute pygmy goats. No fainting goats much to my grave disappointment. It is probably a good thing; I just would have wanted one, Steve would have said no, and there we would have been: Me with no fainting goat and hacked off about it. Yes, it is a good thing there were none there.

Another disappointment was there was no tomato vine yarn. It had all sold out by the time we found the booth. There was some that was called "grubs" and it was as gross as it sounds.

Last night I went on a Myster Dinner (yes another one) and we ended up in Old Town Alexandria and made wine! It was great fun and I can hardly wait for 6 weeks to go by so we can go back and bottle it and label it. It was with the Southern Maryland Women's League and we get to design our own labels for the wine. Then we went to a candy shop and had chocolate and champagne (because life is short - eat dessert first!) and then to Underwoods, which apparently the new trendy place to be. Since there was no grandbaby being born, I did not buy a round in his honor.

Be proud of my restraint at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival....I know I was!

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tigerdrea said...

I would have no problem getting a fainting goat or two that you can come visit anytime...