Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What do you wear to this event?

The possibilities are mind boggling.

Twin set with pearls and a linen skirt, while a classic, are not your best bet. And who would have ever thought in a bajillion years that I would be invited to an event where this uniform would be considered "odd." My trusty black sling backs are not event appropriate.

Think aging Stevie Nicks.

Lots of flowing multi-colored layers. Butterflies are a popular motif as are stars. In other words, go to your closest dress-up bin and raid it.

Lots of nothing that I own in my closet. While I do have a kick-ass "I Love Lucy" costume complete with fire red wig, I have nothing that I can twirl around in while warbling "Sarah."

For which all of my children are eternally grateful, I have no doubt.

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