Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unity Walk 9/11

Today I volunteered at the Washington DC Unity Walk 9/11. It started out at the Hebrew congregation (with a muslim call to prayer - very cool). and made its way down Massachusets Avenue past many embassies to the Ghandi memorial park. Stops along the way included a Catholic church, a Sikh Temple, the National Cathedral, the Greek Orthodox church, and the Russian Orthodix Church.

The walk also passed the Khalil Gilbran Park, the Islamic Park and finally ended up at the Ghandi Memorial Gardens. The walk was led byArun Ghandi.

There were probably 1500 participants in the walk, and the Christians/non-Christian ration was about dead even.

It's a start......


upwiththesun said...

It sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you got to participate!!!

Abby said...

I think that sounds fantastic!