Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I took a wooden nickle

Grandma Geneva always used to tell us not to take any wooden nickles, and don't fall down and break your leg.

Somewhere along the way someone slipped me a wooden nickle.

Although I did not break my leg, there is much speculation that I cracked my pelvis and/or hip. This, let me assure you, sucks.

So here is what happened: I was leaving Stitches East in Baltimore, heavily laden with treasures I had picked up while there. When I got to the parking garage, I changed my mind mid-step about which direction I wanted to go. My feet where headed right and my body left. Neither won. My left foot flew out from under me and I landed on my hip with a resounding "THUD."

Good news is that no yarn was harmed in this process. I had enough wits about me to make sure that fabulous cashmere I found did not touch the ground. Priorities people!

After I leapt back up with precious little dignity intact, I made a beeline for the car and started home. I figured a nice warm bath, an Advil, and a glass of wine would cure me. Yeah right.

About 3 a.m. I thought I was gonna die. But I didn't want to go to the emergency room quite yet because I really needed to wash my hair (again with the priorities). My hairdryer was still down in the car because I had only unloaded my precious yarn, and I didn't want to wake Steve up to go get it. I am not claiming rational thought - I am just recounting the events.

At 6 Steve gets up, takes one look at me and declares we are going to the emergency room. No argument from me. So off we go, me dressed in my finest sweat suit, but with clean hair!

I am the only person in the emergency room and am whisked in right away. A 12 year old doctor orders xrays and percocet. He is my friend. The xrays show nothing, but Dr. 12 Year Old thinks that maybe I have cracked my pelvis and/or hip. It's just not showing up. I am sent home with a perscription for percoset and directions to stay off my leg. No kidding.

I have spent two days in bed taking percocet. I was really looking forward to having wild funky drug induced dreams with no pain. That was not meant to be. The percocet is NOT living up to its reputation. I still hurt - a lot. I hurt so much that I cannot sleep. No funky dreams...just being hurty.

So here we are on Wednesday. I am going to my regular physician today at 2:15. Not sure what she can do for me at this point, but I am hoping something to make it stop hurting. My sweet cute husband has been taking wonderful care of me, and I have been petting all my yarn, but I am ready to stop hurting.

Send more cashmere. Maybe that will work.


Adam said...

dr. adam says that more percocet will cure all, especially if you have refills. one doesn't work? try two. i don't think anything bad happens by taking more than the prescribed dose.....haha

that sucks though, hopefully you are better by thanksmas.

TransplantedOkie said...

They gave me some hydrocodone. that doesn't work either. Turns out I have a huge tolerance for these things.