Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What about Bob(bin)??

Yes it is true, we are going to get a dog. Or as Erin says, "Sick, Mom. It's a piece of fluff." True, but it will be OUR piece of fluff.

We have had a request to blog our week-end adventures, so here goes:

Saturday I had to work so Steve took me since I had my embroidery machine etc. (for a class) to haul in. While he was there, he helped Mr. Mike put together some shelves. Long story short, Steve ended up slicing his thumb open and having two stitches. Not a great way to start a long week-end.

Sunday we went to.....IKEA! I LOVE that place! We bought some shelves to go in the sewing room to try to control the chaos (HA!) and some kitchen stuff. I could spend days and thousands of $$ in that place. After that we went over to Crate and Barrel to see their fall stuff. Too pretty and too expensive! Then we drove back to Hughesville.

Monday was spent rearranging the furniture in the living room and cleaning. I know all of you children are sdo sorry that you missed that adventure ;-) . We went into town for a little bit, and STEVE found a bed for the dog. Could it be that he is warming up to the idea? Probably not.

I could post pictures of the most intelligent child around, but his Mom does a much better job so check out her blog!

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tigerdrea said...

what a cutie! I will have to look at work to see what I can find for the little bundle of fluff.
Thanks for blogging your adventures. I hear bits and pieces every now and then, but never as much as I'd like. Love you both.