Monday, September 26, 2005

Another fascinating week-end!

OK not really, but Steve did walk a goat. That, my friends, would have been a site to see! The goats from around the corner paid us a visit ( as in up on the porch eating the plants), so Steve had to grab the big one's lead and walk them back around to where they belong. Why, oh why, do these things happen when there is no camera?

Sunday we went to IKEA. Apparently they were worried that we had not been there in a while (not really, but I am surprised they didn't call to make sure wer were OK). We now have a new kitchen table and chairs. Fun stuff that IKEA has.


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upwiththesun said...

Ok, so your weekend was more exciting than mine...who could guess! Can't wait to hear that Bob has arrived...and what he thinks of the goats!!! Good to talk to you yesterday! sis