Monday, October 03, 2005

Next he'll be taking wooden nickels!

Well - as we all know, Dad fell down and broke his hip. After all those years of Grandma Geneva telling us all not to fall down and break our leg what did he do?!?! He fell down and broke his leg. Next he'll be taking wooden nickels - another no-no in his mother's book.

Saturday was spent working at the quilt shop. Fun as usual! I picked out fabric for yet another class I am going to take; a jacket out of flannel. The weather is cooling off quickly and this will be a great thing to have!!

Sunday was full of events: church, Lobster Feast, Oktober Fest, and a concert. We only made it to two of those, but we commented that there is always so much to do and pick from!

Tonight is Daughters of the King where I will be teaching 30 people how to make Anglican Rosaries. I am worried that we will have enough time for everyone to do one. I have handouts etc. all ready. Steve is going to go to the Men's Meeting that is at the same time, so it will be fun to ride together.


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Erin said...

You made handouts. How funny is that?