Friday, October 14, 2005

Boring you with Bob

Bob has some buddies named Rope, Fat Cat and Chubby Hippo. They are not really buddies because Bob has to beat the crap out of these heinous characters at every opportunity. Sometimes he really has to chew them out. (Cracked myself up with that one - I shudder to think what Erin will say about that bad joke!)

Tuesday I took Bob to have his initial grooming. They shaved his back part (OK - his butt. There is no polite way to say it), which according to Bob, is not OK. Wednesday, I took him to the vet to be "fixed." Bob is not sure of the fascination for those particular areas of his body. He is sure that he is not happy with people messing with them. Yesterday we were outside when I noticed a very large bird overhead. I was watching the bird circle around when another joined it. They were doing a lovely bird ballet when a third came along. "Oh," I thought. "They are looking for bunnies. Hmmmm. There's no bunnies around only.....BOB!!!!!!" We beat it into the house quickly needless to say.

OK - there are other things in our life going on besides Bob (please don't tell him - he is still in that "I-am-the-center-of-the-universe" stage.). Steve is now the Youth Director at Durham Parish!! WOO HOO! He is very excited and I am excited for him. He really missed working with teenagers.

Tomorrow, Angela Bauer is coming for a visit before her leadship conference in DC. She will be here Saturday through Tuesday, and we are looking forward to her visit.

Fun plans to come: I am going to hear Jan Karon speak on December 6th at the National Cathedral. Also in December, we are going to go to a candlelight tour of Fredericksburg, VA. I think that will be very cool. November has the Quilt Quest which is a blast so we have lots to keep us busy until we can make it home to see all of you!!!


tigerdrea said...

I can tell you what she would say. "That was 'Steve-worthy'" I pulled one similar the other day, and that is the response that I got. Did I mention that Sam and I make up lyrics to songs and sing them to Theo? That was a sad and hilarious day. Love to you both.

Erin said...

I did say something was Steve-worthy. But I think it was inreference to the fact that Andrea married a man with the same sense of humor as her dad. Making up new lyrics to a song? My point exactly.