Friday, April 07, 2006

Gray Day

It is a gray and rainy day and I definitely could have stayed home and slept!! Except crazy Bob would want to play so what's the point?!

Speaking of Bob, we had him groomed and he definitely looks like a wuss. They shaved him so short he looks pink because you can see his skin through his hair! They always shave his back side, and this time it is so completely shaved that Steve is righteously indignant on Bob's behalf I don't think Bob give a flying flip in reality. Remember the dog in "Neverending Story"? That's what Bob looks like.

I broke down and had to stop working at the quilt store. :( I just know that I cannot handle two jobs right now. They were so nice about it, but I really felt badly about it. That doesn't mean I still can't go in there and spend!! And Amy told me that they are getting in OSU fabric! I need to ask her about OU next time I am in.

So the golf tournament is going along - it is June 16 if you decide you want to come out and play or come out and sit on a hole! Then on July 26 we are having a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. I am glad I am as far along with the golf tournament as I am - I know nadda about poker! I bought a "Pocket Idiot's Guide to Texas Hold 'Em" so now I know all the terminology, but I still haven't a clue how to play. Guess it really doesn't matter if I know how to play as long as everyone else does.

Love to all,


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upwiththesun said...

We all are such card sharks...