Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Left out

I am feeling quite left out of the loop since I have no cute shoes to post or great recipes. Dang.


pancake Queen said...

Don't feel left out. In fact I love your blog - true, pure and you are a great mum from the pics I saw on your blog. I am positive you are a great mum like my mother (who is currently watching soap in the tv room haha ...), or else I could introduce her to you!

Erin said...

Mom, you can post my shoes if you want. By post I mean buy.


upwiththesun said...

You can always post pics of the cute clothes (or just the wonderful fabrics) you are making. I've gotten so many comments on my new outfit!! I love it.

TransplantedOkie said...

Erin - you are such a wonderul giving child to offer to allow me to buy you shoes.

You have learned well, Grasshopper!


Thanks for the comments Pancake Queen! I try!

Sistah, so glad you like the outfit - I am ready to start more!

Lisa said...

Okay, now I know who's out of the loop, what wonderful creative outfit have you made and where are the pics? I'm so jealous.

TransplantedOkie said...

Lisa, look on my blog for "Dawn's Blog" and go there. This is my sister who just had little "procedure" so I made her something I thought would be easy to get in and out of and comfortable.