Monday, May 08, 2006

The odd things we remember

Most of this will not mean a thing to you unless you have known me for 45 years.

  • When I walk up to my mail box, the crunch of the gravel sounds exactly like it did when we "walked around the mountain" at Aunt Grace and Uncle Ben's
  • All motorcycle shops smell the same - even those that sell street bikes.
  • I sleep with the covers pulled up over my head just like Grandma Geneva did
  • No body makes Hushpuppies like Mrs. Miller did - although Bert's Diner comes very close
  • Happy was not the only bulldog that could wriggle that way - they all do when you talk to them. I think that they have no idea that they are not shaped like a poodle and look really goofy doing their dance.


upwiththesun said...

exactly!! I'm working on my odd far I'm just to the smell of cut grass that was always in Grandma Geneva's garage

OkieGran said...

goodness, what a trip down memory lane - I think Happy thougth he was a little tiny dog, and truly wished he was a lap dog! I remember chasing him down the street in my night gown (when he escaped out the front door), and him laying down flat and I could hardly pick him up!--he sure was not coming home willingly! and he was sometimes naughty and knocked me flat while I was hanging out clothes! He would charge and hit me behind my Knees, and then laugh at me! What a Dog!

TransplantedOkie said...

I am sure that he thought that he was protecting you from the laundry - just like he was protecting me from the swing!!

Erin said...

I've totally been clotheslined ny that...clothesline. So that's where they came up with that!

upwiththesun said...

and you know that feeling you have when it is cool in the evening and you're sitting in your rocking chair on the porch covered in a if I just had Pike's Peak in my view.