Friday, August 03, 2007

What are you doing?

What I am:

Listening to



horrified by.

(just click on the words and you should go to the sites that answer these burning questions.)


OkieGran said...

I was so horrified by "horrified" I was afraid to open the rest of them, Good Grief = I feel sorry for those 7 girls, expect they will be encouraged to reproduce more than their parents???
I did manage to check out your sewing, love it! hows it going? looks like a difficult project (for me, but not for you) Know it will be beautimous.

TransplantedOkie said...

I just figured out how to get it to fit exactly the way I want it. I am working up the strength and presence of mind to match the pattern and cut it out!

upwiththesun said...

Rabbits..that's all I can say...Rabbits

tigerdrea said...

I watched their Discovery Health special. It's their lives, but I say they're scary. They all look alike, she makes all the girls clothes. Boys get to dress normal and get haircuts. Girls haven't cut their hair since they were born, except the tuft of bangs that the mom has.

Erin said...

10.5 years of her life? YEARS? How can her body even keep doing that?