Sunday, October 14, 2007

La Problem was La BOMB

OK - the dinner and everything went off well, but the play SUCKED.

The director/writer/God's Gift to the Theatrical World was so rude to everyone that several people who were volunteering walked. She was even rude to my beloved husband (and how can anyone be rude to someone as fabulous as he!?!?!?). She was so rude that the church where it was held said that they will never do it again if she is in any way associated with it. WOW KIDS. You gotta be pretty crappy to piss a church off.

The food was incredible: salmon on cedar planks, lime marinated chicken, bison rib eye, and sausage stuffed quail were the entrees. The vegetables ranged from wild rice pilaf to bacon wrapped roasted pumpkin with gingerbread butternut squash, greens, and whipped celeriac root in between. For dessert there was apple cobbler, apple bread pudding and apple caramel cheese cake. The desserts were served off of a big apple cart(CUTE), and in the middle of the room was a fountain that a local business had donated for the silent auction.

The only problem was La Play. It made absolutely no sense, it was too long, it was LAME, and the actors had only received it the day before. The cast did a fabulous job with what they were given, but, alas, it was sucky.

Dear Jesus,

Thank for letting this all be over now.




tigerdrea said...

first, thank you for calling it bison and not buffalo rib eyes. second, did anyone smack that chick on the back of the head?

TransplantedOkie said...

I am to be zoologically correct at all times! ;-)

There was a very long line of people who WANTED to smack her on the back of the head!

Dad on the East Coast said...

The line of potential "smackers" was longer than the line to the desserts!

Erin said...

But did you get moolah?

TransplantedOkie said...


We were going for $50,000