Monday, January 07, 2008

I have decided to Knit

Yes, just like that, I have decided that I am a knitter. No-I have decided I want to be a knitter. Hence the fearless knitting in 2008 button there at the right.

I am in the process of knitting a red scarf in a basket weave pattern. I have no idea upon whom I shall inflict said scarf. It's not the greatest in the world, but I am having a good time doing it! My friend Sue knit me a darling purse for Christmas and inspired me. She assures me that I can do this so: onward!


OkieGran said...

Go for it! -red's my favorite color

CurliSu said...

That's great! I started knitting about five years ago and really enjoy it.
Theo tells me he wants to knit too; he should actually be ready to learn the basics in about a year. (Maybe sooner - he catches on to things really quickly.)
He likes to help pick out yarn.

Uncle Joe said...

You're knit serious, are you?