Monday, March 31, 2008


Since my father fussed at me for not updating my blog....update I shall.

Of course the most fascinating and exciting thing that has happened is the arrival of Max and his large feet. That is the first thing that everyone tells me about him. The pictures on Andrea's blog confirm that Max's feet are indeed ginormous.

Thursday night while Andrea was in the throes of Labor (this word should always be capitalized when used in this context. Ask any mother.), I was in Little Italy in Baltimore having a cooking class and drinking wine. Quite a lot of wine as it turns out. I ended up buying a round in honor of Max's impending arrival, much to the dismay of my husband when I told him how much said round had cost. No new shoes for me for a month or six. But it is not everyday when one has the opportunity to celebrate in such a manner!

Saturday night Steve and I attended the Wild Turkey Federation Dinner with Sue and Mike. This is not, as Erin assumed, a dinner given over to the consumption of Wild Turkey. In her defense, since I called her several times Thursday to check on Andrea (during above mentioned debauchery) I can understand why this was a natural conclusion on her part. But no, this was a dinner honoring the sport of hunting wild turkeys. It might have been more interesting had we actually consumed said beverage. Never have I attended a more patriotic event with so many guns being raffled away. I almost won a cane with a wild turkey head, but I was outbid by $5. God was truly with me that evening.

Sunday Steve was good and I was bad. I did not attend church. I did, however, get to speak to Theodorable quite a while. He told me he had turned his ears off and had earned a spot in time out for that. Then "we" talked about monkeys jumping on beds, trains, Max, Erin, monkeys some more, trains some more, and then we were finished. Pretty funny stuff!

This week is another crazy meeting-ever-day week so it is very possible that I will not be updating for a day or two. Don't fret: I will get around to it!


Erin said...

Good job, Grandpa doesn't like to be in the dark.

TransplantedOkie said...

Don't I know it!

OkieGran said...

neither does Granny

TransplantedOkie said...

I knew that too!