Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 - Not so much

I wish that I could tell you that so far my 2009 has been full of all things bright and beautiful (extra credit for those of you who can hum the tune to that hymn). However, I am in a slump.

I did take a Fantastical Field Trip with my knitting buddies, Sue, Paula, Lisa, and Cathy. We discovered a very important thing: do not, under any circumstances, try to show the driver of the vehicular vehicle knitting patterns while said vehicle is on the beltway going 80. It causes the rest of the car to yell, "HOLY SH*T!!" in unison and, and at the top of our lungs. Some things never change, and lots of girls of any age in a car is pretty much a recipe for fun.

I can report that I have knit a scarf in the shape of baby alligator for Theo-dorable to wear to school. I do not fear that it will be lost forever in the bowels of lost and found; I fear that my sistah will take one look at it and appropriate it for herself (note to sistah: I have a pattern for a grown up alligator and probably can be talked in to knitting one for you. Just tell me what color you need).

Now that the alligator scarf is done I can begin the Viking Hat for Magnificent Max. Yes it has horns and the whole 9 yards - it would not be Viking Hat without them! Where were these hats when all of our kids were attending Hefnerd Middle School. home of the Hefner Vikings! As if any of them would have been caught dead in one! But Max being 10 months old really has no say in the matter. Consquently, we can plop any type of hat his mother will agree to on top of his sweet head.

So now you are caught up with the fascinating life of me so far in 2009. Aren't you glad you checked?!?


tigerdrea said...

His mother would agree to just about anything, except for a devil hat with horns. I saw those too. I am really excited about these wonderful makings. Meanwhile, my knitting is still just yarn.

Elizabeth said...

i would LOVE to take the train to see you guys!! Let me know when good weekends are!

Anonymous said...

Get a LIFE!!!!

OkieGran said...

Hey! how about an update? its March already, and almost April = miss your bloggs!