Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One would think

One would think that since I last blogged that something fabulous had happened.

Not so much.

Work is going great. That means that there is no great drama, just normal people doing normal things. It is a fabulous thing I must say. Such a departure from the last gig!

The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom and are completely magnificent. I am hoping to take a trip to the National Arboretum on Sunday. It is said to be as fabulous as the Tidal Basin and much less crowded. It is hard to believe that I have become such a DC snob - I can barely stand the tourists who are rude, pushy, and litter with reckless abandon. I saw a guy roll down his window and yell at one to pick up her trash the other day. It was an awesome thing. She did as told, which was pretty hilarious. Sadly, she will go home and talk about how incredibly rude people are in DC!

Stay safe everyone!

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OkieGran said...

Yea! take a picture of the Cherry Blossoms for me! Our Redbuds are pretty awesome this year, in spite of snow hail rain and all that jazz. hugs