Sunday, March 14, 2010

Almost one year has gone by since my last post

And lets stop to think what all has happened.

I know.

Was told that a mass was found in my uterus, had that removed, started a new job, found lumps in my breasts, had bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction, Steve was "let go," moved, was fired from choir ON CHRISTMAS EVE THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Steve's mom had a stroke, Steve's diaconate process was put on hold, Steve got a new job, had another surgery....I think that's it. I think that is more than enough.

While I like Facebook, I have a lot more to say, and really do not want to say it to the free world. Hence the blogging. I have no tales of Unfortunate Sharpie Girl, or croning ceremonies, but I am guessing the next bra fitting story will be a doozy.

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