Friday, August 11, 2006

Where have all the pretty clothes gone?

OK, let me clarify: where have all the pretty clothes that I can afford gone? They are certainly now where to be found in my end of the woods.

Drastic measures must be taken.

I have ordered two yards of the print to the left to make my own pencil skirt.

I can see this with a brown twin set with a lovely pink scark tied Parisianne style at the neck, perhaps pearls, or a great big pink flower in a nod to Sex and the City. Let us not forget the chocolate brown slingbacks that will complete the look.

The best part? I already have the twin set and shoes!!

I say we rise up and band together against the ugliness that is the fashion available to us. Betsy Ross patterns has the perfect pencil skirt pattern which I plan on using until my fingers bleed from sewing in zippers.


1 comment:

OkieGran said...

Oh my, I hope those zippers go in on the first try! This sounds beautiful, congrats on finding the perfect pattern and all the "go togethers" Will look forward to a style show! love you!