Friday, August 18, 2006

While the cat is away the mouse will...Sew?

Steve and John left for Seattle yesterday and I received a call at 1:36 a.m. that they had arrived safely. YAY! I know that they will have a blast. If they just don't scare poor Luka to death....

So - while the manly men are off in testosterone heaven I am going to sew like a woman possessed! I bought a dress pattern yesterday (I know, I was shocked as well) that I want to try out and a pattern for a top that looks like it is a wrap but it is not. I don't trust those wrap dresses and tops to stay where they need to! So we will call this a "faux" wrap (sounds so much better than pretend). I am also going to a class at Material Girls on Saturday morning to learn more about my embroidery machine. WOO HOO!

I have lost a whopping 8 pounds in three weeks and am feeling quite sassy. To reward myself (like I need an excuse) , I did a twirl through the mall yesterday and found a cute dress that I could actually afford! It was on sale for $49! It has a "faux" wrap top that is a little too decollete for day time, but, as Erin so wisely pointed out, I can wear a pretty camisole that peeks out and be good to go. (Thanks Erin!)

Next time I post I hope I can report great things from the sewing room!!!

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OkieGran said...

WOW ! 8 pounds - you are a shadow of your former self! Congrats! and I had a sneaking suspicion this would generate a new wardrobe! how fun--bet that sewing machine is smoking! love you !