Monday, October 16, 2006

Random-ness at it's finest

OK this is kind of random, but stay with me folks.

I read a blog that is called "Lipstick is my Crack" and the gal who writes it swears by this stuff. So I decided to plunk down some $$ and try some.

I am in love.

OK - it takes your makeup off, even eye makeup, really well, rinses off beautifully, and leaves your face feeling fantastic . But the stuff smells incredible. I want to run out and buy a baguette to dunk in it.

You can get it online through the company that makes it (DHC) Sephora carries it (I think), not sure about Ulta. I highly recommend it and thank Mrs. Badger for the great tip.

That is all.


upwiththesun said...

it's too fuzzy, I can't tell what it is...Tell me, please!!

TransplantedOkie said...

Deep Cleansing Oil

Try this amazing cleanser and you’ll see why it’s our most popular product worldwide. Dirt, excess oil, makeup—even waterproof mascara—and other pore-cloggers dissolve easily, leaving your face a grime-free zone that is soft to the touch. Its unique water-soluble formula rinses completely, so you’ll never see a greasy residue. Olive oil, rosemary oil, and vitamin E ensure you won’t see dryness either.

It can be found at under skin care.

Erin said...

Wait, who makes it? I can't buy it at SuperTarget?

TransplantedOkie said...

No - Target does not carry it (damn the luck). I bought mine online.
Dawn - this would be great to take off stage makeup for Wiz.

Abby said...

I happen to be visiting a Sephora this very weekend. I will definitely look this stuff up! Thanks for the tip!