Friday, December 07, 2007

Another Mimi I know

I have a friend named Cookie who is also a "Mimi." She has a little grandson named Zach who is a scream!

Zach is 6 and has difficulty not talking during school. So, his Mimi decided to bribe him into being quiet during class....with the promise of a chinchilla.

Zach has done very well keeping quiet since the bribe started. To the point that his Mimi is now on the hunt for a brown chinchilla. It cannot be gray - it must be brown. She was in my office today and we were hunting on the internet for a brown chinchilla in our area (she is the Chairman of the Board of Directors - I'm safe hunting for stuff on the internet for her).

We finally found one 2 hours away so she is off to pick it up for Zach's Christmas present/bribe. Oh, and Zach has named his chinchilla to be Vanilla.

Vanilla Chinchilla.

Two Mimis in my office laughed their fool heads off at that one.


upwiththesun said...

No one here needs a chinchilla...vanilla or otherwise. Just in case you wondered.

Erin said...

Please don't buy Theo a chinchilla because I might have to touch it or something.

He saw the Diego chinchilla episode didn't he?