Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Excitement

For those of you who have missed the tales of Midnight Mass, let me just give you a few highlights:

The eggnogs were a hit! We named one the virgin eggnog and the other the trollop eggnog. If you have read the posted recipes then you completely understand.

Betty should have had a shot of something prior to the service - perhaps it would have prevented her from passing out in the front row and completely throwing her husbands game off as he tried to preside over the service.

The Advent Wreath is not safe close to the choir. Or maybe the choir is not safe close the the Advent Wreath. My hair is a little singed and my ear a little tender from being too close to week two's candle.

Again with the Advent Wreath and the Choir: Helen's sleeve proved to be made of completely flameable material. Fortunately, Bill was there to smother it. Thank God he did not breathe on it because he had discovered the trollop eggnog at the reception prior to the service. It wasn't really flaming, just seriously smoking which was enough to freak us all out!

In spite of the excitement, the service was lovely. There were french horns and violins in addition to the choir and it was great fun to have all of that when "Joy to the World" was sung as the recessional.

Hope your Christmas was fun!


Erin said...

Ah, but they did not ruin your Hark the Herald Angels Sing recessional like our stupid trumpet(s).


TransplantedOkie said...

True - but then we didn't sing Hark the Herald Angels sing. I know, you would have been appalled. But we sang all the other great hits from the Hymnal!

OkieGran said...

oh my ! sounds like my Christmas Past Nightmare! I always had visions of some little child igniting a coat tail or sleeve at the candlelight - - so glad you and the church survived! Happy New Year! but first Happy Birthday! love , me

Abby said...

It sounds like a fantastic service. I'm sorry to hear about the small snafu, but way to be professionals and carry on with the festivities! :-)