Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The camera has been found!

Three really cute kids, Andrea, Theo, and Erin, in front of the Oklahoma pillar at the WWII memorial. Very impressive memorial and very sad to think of the lives that were lost during that time.
Theo and his Auntie Erin in front of the White House. He assures me that someday he will be living there and I can come to visit. And unlike Billary, he won't charge me to stay!!

Here is a picture of some of the beautiful fall color we saw. I was mocked quite unmercilessly about my excitement and delight a the hues of nature (yes, Erin, I am speaking of YOU).

This is a picture of Theo's first ride on the Metro. Oh, that we could all see DC pushed around while in a reclining position, every whim being catered to, and being treated like a royalty. Hmmm...Hilary and Bill pretty much did that during their reign of terror.

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tigerdrea said...

That one of Erin and Theo at the White House is too stinkin' cute.