Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Ours was pretty uneventful, but I hope yours was full of scary giraffs and other goblins!

The three children down the road came by; what a hoot! Their parents were driving a tractor pulling a flatbed trailer. On the trailer were bails of hay set in a circle and jack-o-latterns. There were about 7 kids and four adults, and it looked like they were having a blast! What great memories those children will have of Halloween WITH their parents.

Bob and I have started puppy classes. He is, by far, the smallest dog there. There is a doberman, a border collie, and a husky! Bob and the husky, Fletcher, have a grand a glorious time off leash. they jump and play and it is amazing that Fletcher hasn't decided that Bob would make a great mouthful!

Off to work out this morning and other excitement!

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