Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Update on Our Doings

Granny and Clay got here Monday evening and it was great to see them!! Tuesday they went to see some of Clay's old stomping grounds and we went to Captain John's for dinner. Pretty much like Shymansky's, but a little better "ambiance. They decided to head back to OKC today to beat the forecasted snow. I was sad to see them leave early, but completely understand that "get out of the way of the snow" thing!!

Monday I took Bob to the "spa" where they got water in his ears. Hence, yesterday, I had to take him to the vet for infections in both his ears! BOO! I will not be going back to that groomer, needless to say. Now I have to wrestle him down and put drops in his ears twice a day. Not OK.

We are going to have a quiet Thanksgiving - both of us have 4 days off! IKEA will have to be visited I have no doubt!

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