Monday, March 19, 2007

Another week-end screams by

I think that we should apply for a grant worth a bazillion dollars to do a study on why the week-end flies by and the work week crawls along! I know that there is some quantum black hole where time disappears is reason for it.

I would like to report that we had a very relaxing week-end where we spent the days lounging in our new home reading bits of Proust to each other while drinking cappuccino and eating sugar cookies but it would be a complete lie.

Saturday we moved the what has now been dubbed "The Beast." Remember the big armoir in the living room that had the stereo in it? It weighs eleventy hundred pounds. Steve and some poor child from youth group started to move it and then I panicked and called in another friend (Mike Carter) to help. I thought The Beast was going to win the war, but these three finally got it moved.

What did I do? I moved any "little" stuff that was left while battling a stomach bug. Fun times were indeed not had by anyone.

Sunday I made my debut singing in the choir. It was great fun and I am glad that I joined. Next Sunday we are doing a completely sung Evensong service with the Magnificat and a Cantique. I am a little nervous about it, but I know it will be fun. We have a string quartet that will be playing with us - very cool!

After service we had a workshop on praying with Anglican prayer beads and then I had a meeting with the Jaycees about a fundraiser they want to do for the Center for Children. I think we made it home about 5:00.

Sigh - maybe next weekend.


Erin said...

One reason the work week goes slower: it is 5 days long.

All I'm saying.

TransplantedOkie said...

Smart ass

Dad on the East Coast said...

I volunteer to take covert pictures during Evensong so that y'all can see this sweet little Oklahoma girl in a Parish Choir whose heritage goes back 362 years.

Anonymous said...

Wait til you retire----its weekend every day - and it do scream by! I go to sleep on Monday night, and wake up in a panic because I forgot to set the garbage out before 7 am on Friday---oh weell-just glad I'm waking up most mornings! Love you -MOM

Abby said...

Good Morning. My mom and I received your note yesterday alerting us to your recent address change and decided that compared to you and Erin our manners are practically barbarian.

Erin said...

That made me laugh right out loud.

TransplantedOkie said...

AS IF!!!!