Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Week

Every year I promise myself a Holy Lent. I give up the appropriate item, habit, or food, and go my merry way. Every year I am disappointed come Low Sunday (the Sunday AFTER Easter) that I did not do better. Whatever better might mean. This year I did not make to Low Sunday before disappointment fell. It is here today.

What brought this on? Oh, I don't know. Could be walking out to the waiting room and seeing all of those sad little faces of the children who don't understand why the adults in their lives hurt them. Could be the news every morning of another soul gunned down in the streets in the county north of us. Could be that I am worried about Adam in Iraq.

Could be that I am realizing that perhaps God wants more of me than an item, habit, or food.

The good news here is that I have a whole week to make my Lent holy. So for this last week of Lent I propose to pray more, help more, be more.

And I wish for you a Holy Lent as well.

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