Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just some things I need to share

Do motorcycle riders who wear their pants so low that we can see their bottom ever think about getting a sunburn? I cannot imagine that a sunburned butt would be comfortable at all.

Do I really need soft armpits? I know we discussed sparkly armpits, but now I am being told that my underarms need to be soft. However will I light my match for my Camel if my armpits are soft?

Is there a rehab place for everything now? Drink too much - go to rehab. Drugs - rehab. But racial and/or sexual preference slurs rehab? I think I need to know exactly how they "rehabilitate" you. Twelve step program? Electric shock therapy? I just don't get how you "fix" that.

This will not go over well with my parental units: I think Ann Coulter needs to be spanked and sent to her room. And she needs to come up with another look than the perpetual black cocktail dress and that nasty long hair.

Why do we give a flying flip what Rosie thinks? I don't, but the news is full of Rosie and/or Paris who is equally obnoxious. Maybe we should lock Rosie and Ann Coulter in a room and whoever is left standing wins. There's some rehab for ya.

Just some things that have been banging around in my head that I decided to let out.


Erin said...

Yeah, rehab with Rosie and Ann. Cage match to the death. We can only hope the one left standing is left without vocal chords.

TransplantedOkie said...


Adam said...

you know where rehab should be. here in iraq. problem with booze, drugs? come to iraq where there isn't any in sight and you're stuck in the middle of the desert. i think it's a good idea.