Thursday, November 01, 2007

It ain't easy bein' Lucy

I kid you not - I still have eyelash glue stuck on my eyelids. They should put the space suttle together with that stuff....

Last night we had two trick or treaters. The fact that we ducked out and went out to eat could have be a direct correlation. Just a guess.

I did manage, in spite of glued shut eyes and such, to cut out a plaid skirt. it will be made on the bias and I worked really really hard to make sure all the plaids matched at the seams. The fabric is a wool blend that is brown, tan and teal. Since it is wool, I am facing the waist band with wide grosgrain ribbon (a little trick I learned from a buddy). And yes, I will remember to hang it for a few days prior to heming it so it won't be wonky.

And since Erin and Abby get bere tomorrow, I have a feeling it will be next week before I even think about this skirt.

Pray for Steve in the hour of his need.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Have you tried heavy duty eye makeup remover? Or baby shampoo?

YEA for Maryland!