Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mrs. Unfortunate Sharpie Girl

Dawn asked me last night about USG and her nuptials. I am ashamed to report that no one from the office went to the wedding.

No. One.

I am now wracked with guilt. Yes, I know that I wasn't in town and so forth, but still:

No. One. Went.

If I could find out where she is registered I would go pick her up the silver sugar cube tongs that I feel sure are on the list. More than likely she is registered at AutoZone and I am not really sure of the etiquette surrounding purchasing wedding gifts from that establishment. Do you go for the pine tree shaped auto fragrance or the pink fuzzy steering wheel cover? Are there implications tied to either of those that I am not aware of and would I be make a huge social gaffe?

Help me out here people.


tigerdrea said...

It's always awkward for coworkers at a wedding anyway. Your friends know your family, and your coworkers are stuck at a table in the corner...You could apoligize for not making it on account of your trip, and then politely ask if she and Mr. Unfortunate Sharpie Boy are registered so that you can perhaps at least get them a gift.

OkieGran said...

How are her eyelashes??I hope she didn't glue her eyes shut.

Erin said...

Gift Card.

Abby said...

Quart of oil. Nothing says love like Valvoline.