Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am getting a cold - Not OK

I knew this would happen: I am getting a cold before I leave for Oklahoma City. This, my friends, sucks. No pretty way to put it, it just sucks. Erin ordered me to stay in the house and drink tea. Given her current mood about her finals, I think I will placate her and do just that.

Steve, fabulous husband that he is, gave me my Christmas present early!! It is an iPod Nano, and I am very excited! I think I have actually figured out how to make it update only the playlists that I want, not the entire library. Baby steps here people.

On a funny note, Bob needs a hair cut, but with the hair on his face so long he has a moustache like Salvador Dali's. I find it quite amusing. Then again, could be the cold medicine....


Erin said...

Mom, you just compared your ball of fluff WASPy dog to Salvador Dali...a Mexican surrealist. Its the cold medicine.

upwiththesun said...

You need to get some "airborne" or some "emergen-C" and start taking it right away. I waited too long and I've had the cold from hell for over a week now. Trust me, colds can travel over the internet. Take care of yourself!