Friday, December 30, 2005

My 7 Things

7 things that happened in 2005 that changed your life for the better:

1. of course, everyone's number explaination required. (This was stolen directly from Andrea's Blog!)
2. I joined a gym and have half way been diligent about going. Better than the zero way I was going before!
3. Daughters of the King - What a great group of women to share with
4. This has not changed but remained constant for 10 years: Steve.
5. Bob!
6. Living in this area has forced me to go out exploring on my own and I am better at it than ever!
7. Blogs!
7 1/2. Terrell Owens (HATE that guy) got fired.

7 things that happened in 2005 that could have turned out better:

1. Procrastinated less
2. Katrina
3. Rita.
4. The famous Christmas wreck of 2005.
5. sorry that he is gone.
6. Staying on task and not starting new projects before old ones are completed. (BIG problem)
7. Letting go fo old grudges and hurts.

Things that you want to see happen in 2006 all for the better:

1. Lots of Theo in our lives!
2. Lose 25 pounds in a healthy way
3. Complete all projects started.
4. More vegetables and less junk.
5. Steve and I take a vacation to a really exotic location! Or maybe even a cruise!!!
6. More friends
7. More spirituality
7 1/2. Terrell Owens not playing for an NFL team
8. Getting over my Terrell Owens thing.


Erin said...

Complete all projects started? SO ambitious.

TransplantedOkie said...

I know, but God as my witness (Scarlett holding a radish here) I am going to do everything in my power to keep to it!!