Monday, December 12, 2005

What is it about Christmas?

I guess the question should be, "What is it about Holidays?" since all this starts to happen from Thanksgiving on.

I am pretty happy with my life.


Erin said...

Mom, calling people out on your blog is an interesting choice. I'm sure your readers are going to come key my car.

tigerdrea said...

Don't worry. Unsaid child hurter will incure my wrath first. Doubtful that they will survive it. I've been saving christmas madness. Is there anyone else out there in blog world who would like to change the date? Do like on the commercial. Set aside some week when there are no holidays or birthdays and just celebrate each other rather than federally man-dated (hehe) days of the year.

TransplantedOkie said...

OK - who did I call out? I am just saying that I am not going to be ugly to people in the mall because was ugly to me. Now, if someone was ugly you, I would have to pull their head off and spit down their neck. That is what mothers do.

And besides, why wouldn't they come and key my car instead of yours? AND no one reads my drivel except us!

This is an interesting idea and one worth pursuing. Does this mean that we would get presents twice a year because I am all for that!