Monday, January 02, 2006

The first REAL day of the New Year

OK - we all know that January 1 is just a "test" day to recover from the night before and/or extend the party even further. So today is the first "real" day of the year. Does what we do today signify what we will be doing most of the year? If so, I will be sewing (while in my pajamas), laying on the couch watching football (STILL in pajamas), and reading everyone else's blogs (oh, yes....still in the pj's). Life will be good in 2006.


upwiththesun said...

You go your pajamas!! I've been to look for muscles that I've neglected for way too long...they are letting me know that in fact they are still here (and hurting from the gym)...Guess it's time to put on my jammies.

Erin said...

When an entire day is pent in pajamas, all is right with the world.