Wednesday, January 25, 2006


You know how you do something that you know is not going to be good for you, yet you do it anyway? Like eating an extra piece of cake? No, worse than that. Like having one too many drinks and then getting into a car? No, worse than that. Like running into rush hour traffic on the Beltway? THAT'S what I am talking about. What have I done? I watched Oprah again.

I think my chest is safe from perverts masquerading as bra fitters, but now I am completely freaked out about birdf flu. This is what Oprah's site says we should do to get ready:

-Stock your cabinets with enough canned goods to last four to five weeks.
-Stockpile your prescription drugs, if possible.
-Speak with city officials to make sure your community has enough chlorine on hand to purify the water, in case shipments stop coming. Many cities only keep enough chlorine on hand to last five to seven days.
-There are also many lessons we can learn from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Osterholm says. Americans need to be prepared to live without modern luxuries, and communities should have a plan to bury their dead in a timely, respectful manner.

Again, Oprah said it on her show so it must be true.

Kidding aside, this stuff is pretty scary.


tigerdrea said...

She should have also said to be careful not to spend too much time stressing about such "what if" events or you'll end up in the psycho ward where you won't have anything to lose should said events happen. I'm just saying.

tigerdrea said...

p.s. I'm going to stock pile on enough alcohol to last 4-5 weeks, because if it's going down then I'm going to be sure to have a good time with it.

TransplantedOkie said...


upwiththesun said...

and where are we supposed to keep all this stockpiled stuff?? Every spring I do an emergency tornado "kit" in a big tub...but it doesn't have half of that stuff in it! Of course, if the house blows away, the tub will go with it...and bottled water will fall from the sky in the Land of Oz!

TransplantedOkie said...

I am just going to start watching Springer instead of Oprah

OkieGran said...

hey girls, watch "Maury" and after you see all those crazy people and their endless problems ( like which of these 24 men is the father of my child---answer none of the above) you'll know we must be in good hands and doing OK Thanks be to God! love you mom

Erin said...

OK, I have arrived at some conclusions.

1. We cannot stockpile alcohol because we will drink it. At least I will. I can promise to make a significant dent in the stockpile.

2. I don't think all those things are necessary.

3. If all those things are necessary it's not feasible to stockpile enough stuff to last my life and apparently my children's so they can come out of their holes when the radiation finally dies down.

4. I refuse to believe the people on Springer and Maury are real because if they are we are in big trouble.

5. Oprah breeds bad feelings so she can then addict us to her uplifintg shows. For example, her bookclub books are DEPRESSING. SO then we tune into a Favorite Things episode to make ourselves feel better. She didn't get to be where she is by being stupid.

I'm just saying.