Thursday, January 05, 2006

Prepare yourself

OK. Sit down. This will be a shock.

I am going to the movies on Saturday.

Now, that, at least, is the plan. I am supposed to go with Helen and Lucy to see the Chronicles of Narnia. We have to go early because they want to be able to watch the 'Skins game in the afternoon (I love they way they think).

We shall see if I really follow through. The thought of sitting for 2 hours doing nothing but staring at a screen makes me jittery, but they promise they will talk me through it. Updates to come.


Erin said...

Mom, I don't mean to be offensive, but I really must point something out. Days lying in bed watching Primetime in the Daytime on TNT also classify as sitting for hours doing nothing. However enjoyable that nothing is, 2 episode of Law and Order (you know, from 1-3 my time) equal your time at the theatre. Throw in the Judging Amy's before and the Alias afterward and you could watch 2 and have travel time. I am just saying.

TransplantedOkie said...

I understand, but here's the deal: when I am at home having my brain sucked out by Law and Order (I don't do Judging Amy or Alias), I can get up walk around, knit, fold laundry etc. At the movie, you are committed to sitting in one chair for HOURS doing nothing. Creepy.

Dad on the East Coast said...

It is easier to sit this long in a theater with the large size of Milk Duds your bought at CVS and smuggled into the theater. It is worse however, when you drop one or two of this delicacy and find out too late! You know when you suddenly realize that you have either been sitting on a milk dud or worse yet, have the remnants of some "idiot" child that sat there for six showings of Return of the Penguins.

upwiththesun said...

Just get popcorn to go with the large milk duds. Trust me, you WANT to see this movie.

tigerdrea said...

Sue takes her knitting with her, but if you can't knit in the dark then you're screwed. Enjoy the movie.