Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Week-end update

Not nearly as humorous as SNL, but I will give it a go.

Friday evening Mark arrived in town. Great to see him! He has lost so much weight that Steve can no longer refer to him as "my short round friend." We went to Ruths Chris for dinner where I overindulged. WAY too much rich food, but the bread pudding was to die for!

Saturday Steve and I volunteered at the Diocesan Convention held at the National Cathedral. We collated ballots which in and of itself was not fascinating, but the rest of the meeting was very interesting. There was a resolution honoring Thurgood Marshall who was a long time (30 years) member of a parish in southeast DC. There was also the ubiquitous resolutions regarding the consecration of the gay bishop in New Hampshire. One was postponed indefinately and the other passed. Our priest did not agree with the theology of the one that passed, but I do not know the exact problems he has with it. I do plan to find out.

Steve (and, by extension, I) have been asked to take the Youth Delegation to the General Convention in late June of this year. It will be held in Columbus Ohio which we all know is Steve's old stomping ground. I do not know exactly how many youth are actually involved in the trip, but I am very excited to go to a General Convetion. I am going to a Daughters of the King Province meeting the end of May, Theo's 1st birthday is June 7, and then the trip to Ohio - Busy summer ahead!

That is all the news, my friends. I love and miss all of you!


tigerdrea said...

so do i need to start planning the big first birthday party?

TransplantedOkie said...

Aren't you having elephant rides and dancing poodles? Better get right on that!

Erin said...

A Party! I want to help! Remember, I get to take him to Build A Bear. I'm calling it right now. NO CLOWNS.