Sunday, May 27, 2007

Butt Darts

Here just miles from our nation's capitol we are able to amuse ourselves with the most refined and sophisticated past times - we play butt darts.

What? You have never played? SHOCKING!

To play butt darts a cup of some sort is placed on the floor. Then one carefully places a quarter between ones cheeks (let me clarify here that clothes are definitely worn during this game. We are not that degenerate). The the player then waddles over to the cup, clinching the quarter as best possible, and aims for the cup, attempting to deposit said quarter. I suck at this game because I cannot laugh, waddle, and clinch all at the same time. I did manage to hit the cup but my quarter bounced out.

Our parish champion is a studious child about 8 years old. She has never missed. She also reads the lessons with great aplomb and clearly has a life of greatness ahead of her.


upwiththesun said...

Where's the video? (You-tube has a couple, but you aren't in them)

Adam said...

and i thought that we did weird stuff in the navy. check and mate.