Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's Wednesday

And that seems to be the only redeeming factor about the day. I am over run with too many events happening in too short a time. One does not want to be working on the afternoon tea and confuse that event with the Harley ride ending up at Hooters. Those two will just not mix no matter how I try to make it so. Who knows, each group might really have a great time at the other, but somehow I think there would be much clutching of pearls.

I am on the board of United Way St. Mary's county which meets tonight so I will not get hom until late. I hate that because I really wanted to start on a new quilt this evening.

Oh there is SOME good news! I have been invited to a wine blending. No idea what that really is but what the heck!!


Erin said...

Theo and I went to a luaa where we discovered he doesn't want to put his toes in the pool unless he has shoes on. What a funny kid!

Dad on the East Coast said...

A wine blending, I cannot wait to get home and find out what that is!