Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What song reminds you of me?

I must stop reading other people's blogs - I get the craziest ideas from them!

Remember when I asked what word describes me? Now I want to know what song describes me.

So far, from co-workers, I have received:

Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat (from Guys and Dolls)
Ride of the Valkyries (this made me laugh really loud)
Respect (by Aretha, thank you very much)

Do I detect a theme toward rebelliousness here? I can't imagine why people would get that vibe from me.

So send me some songs - who knows maybe I will burn a disc and send it to everyone who responds!


upwiththesun said...

Memories....light the corners of my mind...Sung into the deoderant microphone, of course.

TransplantedOkie said...